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Expanding on our success with sales demonstration tools, our new Spectrum Detective product is able to simultaneously display UV, Visible and Infrared transmission values. Being a self-contained system, there are no additional light sources or power chords necessary, and no adjustments to make. Simply slide the glass sample into the opening and watch the resulting performance data appear on the display. Perform LIVE demonstrations of the performance of your Energy Efficient window products.

The Spectrum Detective shows you performance numbers you can understand and proves that our high performance windows film are worth for your investment.Lets face it, when it comes to window performance, numbers don't lie.

For the hardest to convince customers:
Prove your windows are a sound investment

We will provide SPECTRUM DETECTIVE METER to confirm the  percentage of Visible Light Tranmission, Infrared Rejection, and Ultraviolet Light Rejected before installation.

Three Measurements at once:

UV Transmission 46%

Visible Transmission 52%

Infrared Transmission 61%




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